Researcher, Programmer, Author, Community Builder

I build products for myself to solve problems that I face. Sometimes others have similar problems and they use my products.

I love creating software, hardware and teams who can create teams who can create software and hardware. I believe we live in exciting times and technology is enabling us to reach heights and dream things that were not possible earlier.

I am opening this space to focus on using technology to solve the problems I am facing, books I am reading and penning down my thoughts, in the process making friends, finding mentors and meeting exciting people. Reach me at:

The current space talks about:

I run multiple communities where a lot of action happens. Join the ones based on your interest by heading in here 👉 

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Implicit neural representation: Chaotic signals and Turing patterns

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Below are some of the ideas I am thinking about. If you think you would like to get involved, drop me a message over LinkedIn. :

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